The E&P activities generate numerous waste streams. The challenges our customers face are: different types of generated wastes, large daily quantities and lack of treatment facilities with appropriate technologies. These challenges amplify when working in a sensitive area.

EDF believes that  mutual communication with customers to tailor innovative economic solutions is the key. The process starts with customer interest and a waste sample enough for treatability study. EDF, then, can propose the proper waste management approach and invest all of its resources to provide a proven environmental waste management system for each specific waste stream.

  • We Handle & Treat:
  • Produced Water
  • Water and oil based muds
  • Drilling cuttings
  • E&P Wastes



Through our GPS equiped tankers, we collect produced water and drilling muds from clients' locations to our treatment plants


Since 2007 we have been treating millions of cubic meter of contaminated water. We have been experts in the treatement of high saline produced water biologically. Through our Damietta and our state of the art portsaid plant we are able to treat 7000 cubic meter of produced water each day.


We chose our plant adjacent to industrial treatment plants in order ensure disposal is as per the Egyptian laws. we are connected to sewage network for disposal with no drops being transported out of our plants.

“The key to overcome environmental challenges is continuous communication with customers to tailor innovative solutions.”

Research and development

Our R&D team continues its work on developing new treatment technologies that are environmentally sound, cost effective and successful. Through collaboration with national research bodies and corporations from USA, Germany, UK and China we have successfully developed a unique biological treatment system and organisms able to treat saline produced water

Our Biological treatment system  is treating even MEG contaminated produced water, that makes us unrivaled in this sector. For years,our systems are working effectively while our team continues the research for more solutions to current waste problems

Major clients