It has been all about the environment. Our success started 15 years ago, when we built a treatment plant for the drilling muds and produced water.This plant saved our rare living resource from millions of polluted cubic meters of contaminated water, that was destined to be disposed without treatment. Such commitment was paid back by committed oil and gas giants who looked for the services we provided. Our second great success came after our research team succeeded in treating highly contaminated saline produced water biologically. This unique discovery had saved the environment by limiting the usage of chemicals and getting more efficient treatment.  

   Building upon such experiences, as 80% of the Egyptians living in rural areas are deprived from waste water treatment facilities. such situation affected the quality of water and the health and poverty of the people. With our global technical partners, we started to tailor design competitive wastewater treatment plants focusing on suitable competitive treatment technologies. Within two years, while competing with international wastewater moguls, we were awarded to design, construct, commision and operate 4 wastewater treatment plants in delta villages, effectively treating 45,000 cubic meter per day and saving our people and the environment from disastrous pollution. 

   We are a family of 85 employees, 3 office locations and 2 oil and gas waste water plants. We are ISO 14001 and 18001 certified and carry several environmental approvals from the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency.



edf was established


edf first treatment plant

EDF built the first industrial treatment plant in Egypt for treating O&G waste with a capacity of 1,000 m3/day (Owned by EDF).


First biological treatment plant

EDF build the first biological treatment plant for treating high saline wastewater in Middle East & Africa with a capacity of 2,500 m3/day (Owned by EDF) .


Bioblock introduction

EDF introduced the Bioblock technology to the Egyptian market and obtained the approval form scientific committee .


edf was awarded Dyarb Negm WWTP

EDF awarded the contract for Design, Build & Operate of Dyarb-Negm STP with capacity of 10,000 m3/day ( 5,000 m3/day stage-2) (WB financed project)


edf was awarded Abu Kebeer WWTP

EDF was awarded the contract for Design, Build & Operate of Abu-Kebeer STP with capacity of 10,000 m3/day (25,000 m3/day stage-2) (WB financed project).


edf was awarded Brigat WWTP

EDF awarded the contract for design, build & operate Brigat STP with capacity of 7,500 m3/day (2,500 m3/day stage-2) (WB financed project).


edf was awarded a turnkey contract for Berket El Sabaa WWTP

EDF was awarded the contract for turnkey construction, design & commision of Berket-Sabaa STP with capacity of 12,500 m3/day (NOPWASD financed project


edf designed and built its second produced water treatment plant

edf built 10,000 m3/day biological plant in Port-Said city for treating  waste generated from Zohr gas field  (Owned by edf).